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We are excited to announce that we have completed the tools, resources, training and certification timeline so you can prepare as a DDPS consultant to deliver deployment plans for our latest products.  All partners -whether already DDPS certified or not yet part of the program - need to become certified on the new exam in order to deliver DDPS for 2007 Office and Windows Vista. 


For those of you who are currently part of the DDPS program and are certified to deliver deployment planning for Office 2003 and Windows XP, you will still be able to support eligible customers interested in deploying these products.  We will be supporting both content versions of DDPS until we determine there is no longer a need to for us to have two versions based on activity, customer interest and utilization of their benefit.


Below you will find the following new and refreshed content:



The documents within this kit have been designed to better help you understand the training, certification, registration, and delivery processes as deployment planning experts for Windows Vista and 2007 Office.  The following are included for your reference:

DDPS  Starter Kit Includes:

  • DDPS Data Sheet

  • DDPS PowerPoint Presentation

  • Multiple Case Studies

  • FAQ

  • Top Ten Things You Need to Know

  • Top Five Steps to Running a DDPS Engagement

  • DDPS Reference Sheet (Top URLs you should know)

  • Details on partner roles and responsibilities

    Download the new DDPS Starter Kit v_4-17-2007  



The Desktop Deployment Planning Service collateral, deployment tools and guidance have been updated for Vista and 2007. With the release of both of these important applications and the recent release of the associated Business Desktop Deployment 2007 Solution Accelerator, partners can continue to deliver high-quality, high-impact optimized desktop deployment engagements.


Updated tools and guidance

  • New process/design oriented structure (Plan, Build, Deploy, Operate)

  • BDD 2007 support

  • BDD Workbench, Windows Automated Installation Toolkit, System Image Manager

  • Windows PE 2.0, SMS 2003 SP2/3 etc.

  • Vista and 2007 Office support including Office Migration and Planning guidance

  • Application Compatibility Toolkit v5

Updated Deployment Cost Calculator

  • Vista and 2007 Office deployment scenarios

  • Updated localized costs and productivity metrics

  • Updated calculations for USMT, SoftGrid packaging and testing applications

Microsoft Desktop Optimization modules

  • Windows Activation

  • Decision matrices for product and SKU selection

New certification exam (70-624)

Updated Demo environment

  • Up-to-date patches (as of production)

  • Vista and 2007 Office

  • BDD 2007 (RTM) and WAIK tools

  • Lite-Touch, Zero-Touch, and Baremetal scenarios

  • SoftGrid



DDPS Collateral:


  • Updated ADS Presentations with high and deep level decks on deployment technologies for 2007 Office and Vista

  • DDPS Delivery & Training Guide: Consultant guidance on how to conduct DDPS day engagements

  • DDPS Hands-On-Labs Online through Partner Learning Center

  • DDPS Demo Environment: a portable Virtual PC-based environment suitable for demonstrating tools, concepts and functionality of BDD 2007. Can be extended as needed by delivery resources.

  • Desktop Deployment Cost Calculator update and localization

  • BDD Training Guide

  • How-to videos for BDD 2007

  • 1-day engagement deep update 

Download all DDPS Engagement and Required Deliverable Material



DDPS Materials Availability Timeline





Cost to Partner



DDPS Partner Portal


DDPS Engagement Materials Only (NO VPCS)




Release to Web (RTW)~Feb 19th


DDPS Engagement Materials + Demo Environment

On Demand DVD production

Partner pays cost of production + shipping


Released 3/20/2007

Technical Demonstration Toolkit

DDPS Engagement Materials + Demo Environment

DVDs as Broad reach to 40K Partners


All partners registered for TDT ~40K

TDT program is evolving and not distributing DVDS at this time. As soon as details are available for renewed program we will post information here




Participate in DDPS Live Meetings:

Sign up here for the DDPS Quarterly Partner Community Live Meetings 

Sign up here for the DDPS in Action Live Meeting Series

 View Recorded DDPS Live Meetings:

DDPS in Action Live Meeting Series

1.     How to Conduct DDPS Engagements

·          May 8: Jumpstart Desktop Deployment and Application Virtualization Projects with MS Assessment and Planning 3.0

        Live Meeting Recording | PowerPoint Presentation

·          March 27: BDD Hydration

        Live Meeting Recording | PowerPoint Presentation

        Please Note: We recommend viewing the Live Meeting format for superior performance and quality.

·          March 6: Ask the Experts

        Live Meeting Recording Only

·          Feb 21: DDPS v_3 Refresh

        Live Meeting Recording | PowerPoint Presentation

·          Jan 13: How to Get Paid as a DDPS Partner

PowerPoint Presentation

·          Dec 6: Planning and Deploying Office System with DDPS

Live Meeting Recording | PowerPoint Presentation

·          July 18: Deliverables/Cost Calculator

PowerPoint Presentation

·          June 27: Demonstrating DDPS (Demo Environment and Videos)

        Live Meeting Recording | PowerPoint Presentation

·          June 20: BDD Hydration

        Live Meeting Recording | PowerPoint Presentation

·          June 13: SBS: Strategy Briefing Session/ADS: Architecture Design Session

Live Meeting Recording | PowerPoint Presentation

·          June 6:   PFQ: Preflight Questionnaire

Live Meeting Recording | PowerPoint Presentation

·          May 30: DDPS Overview

Live Meeting Recording | PowerPoint Presentation

DDPS Partner Community Live Meetings & Partner Calls

·          February 2008: DDPS Quarterly Partner Community Partner Call

PowerPoint Presentation | Resource Kit

·          November 2007:  DDPS Quarterly Partner Community Live Meeting

PowerPoint Presentation | PowerPoint Presentation

·          July 2007:  DDPS Quarterly Partner Community Live Meeting

Live Meeting Recording | PowerPoint Presentation

·          April 2007:  DDPS Quarterly Partner Community Live Meeting

Live Meeting Recording

BDD Hydration Software Depot Demo | BDD Hydration Software Server Demo

·          January 2007:  DDPS Quarterly Partner Community Live Meeting

Live Meeting Recording

·          June 2006:  Helping Partners make the customer connection with DDPS

Live Meeting Recording

 *LiveMeeting content is best viewed through the Live Meeting Replay Wrapper which can be downloaded upon entering the site.



Desktop Deployment Planning Services SA Benefit


Office Systems Solution Directory (OSSD) 


Office deployment specialization


Information Worker Competency


Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP)


Desktop Deployment Planning Services:   


Desktop Deployment Center:



We are happy to announce the availability of a new comprehensive Office 2007 discussion guide to assist you in driving deployment with your customers. This guide was developed in response to feedback requesting guidance and resources to best answer the common customer question “Why should I deploy Office 2007 now, rather than later?”

2007 Office System Discussion Guide for Partners

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